ColdStack is a Decentralized Cloud Aggregator, which provides an S3 endpoint to the most effective decentralized storages.

ColdStack is a Decentralized Cloud Aggregator which allows for the aggregation of Decentralized Cloud Storage Platforms or Decentralized Storage Networks (DSNs) such as Filecoin, SIA, Arweave and Storj. Coldstack enables the easy use of these platforms without significant integration efforts, regardless of an individual's familiarity with DSNs. ColdStack allows one to access almost any DSN through the S3 protocol, making migration to ColdStack easy. As the first-to-market Decentralized Cloud Aggregator, ColdStack offers a single-entry point to any DSN, optimizing the final costs for consumers with our proprietary AI-based pipeline. Much like how Uber supplies its clients with convenient and cost-effective rides and deliveries from a huge pool of drivers, or how 1inch sources liquidity from a number of different exchange pools, ColdStack supplies its users with the most convenient way to access the world’s most affordable, secure, and efficient storage space from any decentralized cloud. Coldstack’s AI selects the best storage option for your data that is available on the market, and allows users to save up to 80% on storage costs. Not all files and data are the same, and different parameters such as file size, type, and duration of storage can greatly impact one’s overall storage costs. Our AI also continuously scans the decentralized storage marketplace, in order to ensure that data is continuously stored in the most efficient manner. Instead of users manually migrating their data between platforms to obtain the best price and greatest efficiency, our AI can rebalance a user’s files without being prompted. ColdStack’s protocol also saves on storage costs through techniques such as the utilization of cold storage for files which do not need to be frequently accessed, the bulk purchasing of storage space on various DSNs, and the usage of storage auctions. Our protocol's main purpose is to store and retrieve user’s data in a stack of Clouds via Unified Data Exchange API, which is 100% compatible with Amazon S3 API. That allows any project to use any AWS library or SDK and start to use our System without significant integration efforts. We will publish an open-source library with AWS S3 compatible API to the most of Decentralized Storages. Here is a document set concerning our API and it's implementation.

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