S3 Browser

S3 Browser is the most popular client for S3 compatible storages built for Windows OS.

To download S3 Browser go to the official website: https://s3browser.com/

First of all, click the Accounts button in the top menu, then Add new account... :

Now you have to set up your account settings.

  • In Account Name section type ColdStack

  • In Account Type choose S3 Compatible Storage

  • In REST Endpoint type s3.coldstack.io

  • Put in your credentials in Access Key ID and Secret Access Key sections

Then click on Advanced S3-compatible storage settings at the bottom of the window. It will open a new window. Select Signature V4 and then click on the Close button:

Turning off multipart downloads

Go to Tools -> Options:

A popup will open. In that windows go to the section "General" and turn off the option "Enable multipart downloads with part size":

Using ColdStack

Now you are ready to use ColdStack! Lets create a bucket:

Type a name for your bucket. Be sure to include only letters, number and dashes:

Now you can upload files to your bucket:

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