The request completes the composite download.

When receiving an Object Storage request:

  • Assembles the final object from the parts obtained during the download process in the order of their numbers

  • Removes the download ID so that all subsequent requests with the download ID will return an error NoSuchUpload.

When the download is complete, the client must provide a list of the parts that he sent. The description of each part should contain ETag, which the client receives in response to each downloaded part. See section The UploadPart Method .

Depending on the size of the object and the number of parts, the operation may take several minutes.

If the request fails, then the client application should be ready to retry the request.


POST /{bucket}/{key}?uploadId=UploadId HTTP/1.1

Path parameters

Query parameters


Use the required common headers in the request .

Data schema

The list of parts of a composite download is sent as an XML file in the following format:




The response can only contain general headers .

Answer codes

For a list of possible answers, see the Answers section .

Additionally, ColdStack may return the errors described in the table below.

The successful response contains additional data in XML format, the schema of which is described below.

Data schema

<CompleteMultipartUploadResult xmlns="">

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