Are there any costs associated with swapping?

There are no costs apart from gas fees, which depend on market conditions

Are there any restrictions on swapping?

The minimum for transferring from Ethereum to BSC is 10 CLS tokens, and 25 CLS if transferring from BSC to Ethereum

Who can I contact for assistance?

Please contact info@coldstack.io

What do I do if my transaction did not go through, or if I did not receive my funds?

You can check your transaction on BSCscan or Etherscan with our exchange address.

Cross-chain transactions may take longer than others to confirm. Please contact the team if your transaction has not gone through or your funds have not appeared on the receiving network.

Please ensure that you are swapping from the correct network, you must be connected to the Ethereum mainnet to swap from Ethereum to BSC, and you must be connected to BSC in order to swap to Ethereum. Failure to provide the proper swap destination can result in a loss of funds.

Can I reuse the deposit address?

Yes, you currently can reuse the address. However, please stay updated, as this may change in future versions.

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